VOLCROWE Project Outcome Videos

Following the conclusion of funding for the VOLCROWE project in September, the team have produced a series of short videos in collaboration with Beakus to communicating our main research outcomes along three key themes.

The first video relates to motivations to volunteer for Zooniverse projects and the importance of learning.

The second relates to gaming as a motivator, with particular emphasis on ‘gamisation’.

The final video relates to leveraging the power of the crowd by investigating the structure and operations of the Zooniverse organisation.

On behalf of the whole team, we hope you enjoy these videos and will interested to look at some of the published research and other outputs on these themes from the VOLCROWE project.


The following is an example of some of the positive feedback we have received regarding the videos so far:

“So at 7am yesterday I watched the 3 videos. By 10.30 am I referred to the principles in my lecture. A colleague of mine is also interested in the concepts. Funny how the world is now”.  – Lecturer at the University of Liverpool