Prize Info

Once this survey has closed, 20 responses will be selected at random to receive $/£/€ 100 (or local currency equivalent). The $/£/€ 100 will be divided between the respondent and a charity of their choosing according to the division indicated during completion of the survey. The proportion of money retained and the proportion donated to charity has absolutely no bearing on the chances of winning the money.

The VOLCROWE research team will not have access to any identifying or contact information for any participants, so the division of the money is entirely anonymous. The account IDs of the 20 winners will be passed to a member of the Zooniverse team that is unconnected to the VOLCROWE project. We will ask this person to send any money retained by the respondent to the registered e-mail addresses of these 20 accounts in the form of an Amazon gift certificate or Paypal Transfer without disclosing how these particular amounts have been determined. The VOLCROWE team will ensure that appropriate monies are donated directly to the relevant charities.