General Disclaimer

VOLCROWE Research Team: Dr Joe Cox (University of Portsmouth), Dr Gary Graham (University of Leeds), Dr Anita Greenhill (University of Manchester), Dr Chris Lintott (University of Oxford), Dr Karen Masters (University of Portsmouth), Dr Eun Young Oh (University of Portsmouth), Dr Brooke Simmons (University of Oxford).

Contact details: You can find out more about the project by visiting the project website ( and can contact the Principal Investigator (Dr Joe Cox) by e-mail:

University of Portsmouth Faculty Ethics Committee Ref No: E315

Each user invited to participate in this survey has received a unique survey participant ID that is designed only for use with this survey. The survey does not ask for your name, e-mail address, or Zooniverse login name. The survey does ask for a range of other information, including socio-demographic information, attitudinal and lifestyle information, religiosity (optional), and knowledge relevant to Zooniverse projects. Once you have completed the survey, your responses and your survey participant ID will be automatically entered into a spreadsheet, to which only the following persons will have access:

List A – those with access to raw VOLCROWE survey data

Dr Joe Cox
Dr Gary Graham
Dr Anita Greenhill
Dr Karen L. Masters
Dr Eun Young Oh
Marten Veldthuis

The spreadsheet containing the survey data is exclusively electronic and no hard copies will be retained.     None of the people in List A have access to the document linking your survey participant ID to your Zooniverse ID.

The following members of the Zooniverse team have access to the Zooniverse database and to the document recording the associations between survey participant ID and Zooniverse ID

List B – those with access to the mapping between survey participant ID and Zooniverse ID:

Alex Bowyer
Professor Chris Lintott
Dr Grant Miller
Dr Brooke Simmons

None of the people in List B have access to the raw survey data that associates survey participant IDs with participant responses. The document mapping survey participant ID to Zooniverse ID is purely electronic and is kept on a different server in a different physical location than the raw survey data. No hard copies will be retained.

After the VOLCROWE team members in List A receive your response, they will supply the members of List B with only your unique survey participant ID, and ask for data on your participation in Zooniverse projects and the Zooniverse community. The members of List B will supply this data, but will not provide List A members with your Zooniverse ID, name, or e-mail address. Thus this study will proceed by linking your Zooniverse participation information with your responses to this survey in such a way that your responses remain anonymous to all VOLCROWE and Zooniverse team members.

Once data collection for the survey is complete, 20 survey participants will be chosen to receive a cash payment, as described in the survey. The selection will be made at random from among all the survey participants. Upon this selection, the members of List A will make any and all disbursements to charities as directed by the survey responses of the selected participants. The List A members will also communicate the survey participant IDs and personal cash payment amounts to Dr Grant Miller (a member of List B but not a member of the VOLCROWE team), who will e-mail those selected to notify them and arrange payments. The selection and notifications will take place less than six months after the conclusion of data collection for the survey.

Six months after the conclusion of data collection for this survey, the document linking your unique survey participant ID with your Zooniverse ID will be deleted. At this time the survey responses will be anonymised and cannot be re-associated with a Zooniverse ID. After this point, the members of List B may have access to the survey responses. The anonymised spreadsheet of responses will continue to be used by the VOLCROWE team as the basis for academic study and analysis.

The VOLCROWE team will take all reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality of all survey responses. Published academic papers will only present anonymous data. A spreadsheet of anonymised responses will eventually be made available publicly via the project website (link above) and may be used as the basis for further collaborative research activity, potentially involving academics outside of the original project team. Only anonymised data will be shared with future partners.

If you wish to learn more about the results of the research please visit the project website and submit an enquiry form. Working papers and published output based on this research will also be available for download via the project website. Updates on the research progress of the project team will also be communicated via the Zooniverse blog and the project’s Twitter feed (