The Investigators


The VOLCROWE project brings together a truly cross-disciplinary team of researchers to model a range of aspects of volunteering, crowdsourcing and online citizen science projects. The team of investigators contains internationally recognised expertise in the economic and management sciences including social networking, supply chain management, citizen science and cosmology. One of the major aims of the project is to provide a theoretical and methodological basis for developing this initial investigation into a full scale international network of crowdsourcing and citizen science expertise within the economic and management sciences.

Dr Joe Cox

Dr Joe Cox, Principal Investigator

Economics and Finance, University of Portsmouth
Dr Cox is currently a Principal Lecturer in economics at the University of Portsmouth Business School. His research interests are focused around the digital economy, including the economics of illegal file sharing and the video gaming industry. He has published a number of related papers in peer-reviewed academic journals, including the European Journal of Operational Research, Managerial and Decision Economics, The Journal of Cultural Economics and Information Economics and Policy. He was the recipient of the 2011 Neil Rackham prize for research dissemination and a member of the Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI). Dr Cox brings to the project both a specialist background in economics, as well as knowledge of the analytical and statistical tools required to test assumptions of theoretical behavioural modelling against interrelationships between key variables appearing in ‘big’ datasets and to interpret in accordance with economic principles and ideas.

Dr Gary Graham

Dr Gary Graham, Co-Investigator

Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds
Dr Graham is a lecturer based at Leeds University Business School and is a member of the NEMODE network, as well as a founding member of the Supply Chain and Operations Management Research Group. His work to date focuses on the impact of the internet and digital technologies on supply chains, logistics and distribution operations. More recently, he has collaborated with Professor Callaghan at Essex University and Brian David Johnson at Intel on building strategic prototypes of future technology/smart cities, business models, and imagination-driven innovation. He has authored two books and has published thirty research papers. Dr Graham is currently PI on a £75,000 ESRC funded European Manufacturing Innovation project. In 2005, he was awarded an Outstanding Guest Editor award by Emerald Publishers. Gary has previously been invited to be a Visiting International Research Scholar in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (October 2008/2011) and the School of Engineering at the University of California – Silicon Valley (February, 2009) and University of San Diego (April, 2009). Dr Graham brings a specialist knowledge in management sciences which are essential to the collection and interpretation of data relating to the operation of citizen science projects and the effective management of volunteer resources.

Dr Anita Greenhill

Dr Anita Greenhill, Co-Investigator

Manchester Business School, University of Manchester
Dr Greenhill is a member of the NEMODE network, the eResearch Centre University of Manchester; as well as the Centre of Research on Social and Cultural Change (CRESC). Dr Greenhill has successfully conducted research into the changing role of the city, local communities and their use of community news media in the digital age. Key areas of expertise are in the areas of networked usage of technology within community, organisational and business settings. Under this broad theme, she has specialised interests and is actively conducting research into technologically enabled work, spatiality, and internet/ World Wide Web usage in organisations. Dr Greenhill has a growing body of published work consisting of more than sixty publications, ranging from examination of virtual space and the impact that new technological developments are having on organisations and people to the use of technology on techno-religious practice. Dr Greenhill recently carried out a research project for the National Coordinating Centre of Public Engagement (NCCPE) examining the engagement practices between Universities and Local Communities, as well as a JISC project on Twitter analysis workbench development within the eResearch Centre. Dr Greenhill brings to the team a specialist knowledge of digital networks and online communities that is essential to understanding the motivations of citizen science volunteers and the optimisation of the processes required to enhance and sustain engagement.

Dr Chris Lintott

Dr Chris Lintott, Co-Investigator

Department of Physics, University of Oxford
Dr Lintott is the Principal Investigator for the Zooniverse and Chair of the Citizen Science Alliance. As an astronomer, he has used crowdsourcing in his own work on galaxy evolution and formation, on planet discovery and on star formation within the Milky Way. His current research interests include the development of more efficient models for directing crowd sourced attention, in collaboration with machine learning and artificial intelligence researchers in Oxford and elsewhere. Dr Lintott holds a permanent researchership in Oxford where he is also a Junior Research Fellow at New College. His work with the Zooniverse was recognized by the Royal Society, which bestowed the Kohn Award upon him in 2011. Dr Lintott provides a key input to the project in his role as the ‘Zookeeper’, granting direct access to data, users and managers within the Zooniverse, as well as providing a clear route to achieving impact through his role as Chair of the Citizen Science Alliance.

Dr Karen Masters

Dr Karen Masters, Co-Investigator

Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth
Dr Masters is a Senior Lecturer in Astronomy at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth. She is the Project Scientist for the Galaxy Zoo project, and has been a leading member of the science team since 2008 publishing results on a variety of topics related to galaxy evolution based on combining the classifications from citizen scientists with other information on galaxies. Karen also has a strong interest in the use of Galaxy Zoo to help educate the general public about astronomy and science in general, and has been engaged in the Zooniverse education group, as well as a variety of outreach efforts at ICG where she is the Outreach Co-ordinator. Her expertise in social engagement and public outreach is helping the project to achieve impact through the dissemination of findings.

Dr Brooke Simmons

Department of Physics, University of Oxford
Dr Brooke Simmons is a PDRA working with Chris and The Zooniverse in Oxford. She received her PhD in Astronomy from Yale in 2012 and has been a member of the Galaxy Zoo science team since 2010, having become more and more involved in the general Zooniverse ever since. She is also leading the outreach team in the Astrophysics sub-department at Oxford and maintains a strong interest in bringing research to the public and in social engagement. Dr Simmons’ knowledge of the Zooniverse enables her to provide the project with data and analysis required to carry out its key objectives.

Dr Eun Young Oh

Economics and Finance, University of Portsmouth
Dr Eun Young (“EY”) is a PDRA working on the project with Joe and Karen in Portsmouth. In 2014, she completed her PhD in Economics at Durham University. During her PhD, she developed expertise in the field of Macroeconomics and Econometrics. These include: Monetary Policy, DSGE Model, Economic Growth, Bayesian Analysis and Panel Data Analyses. Her research interests have been fostered by several years of industrial and academic experiences. She served as a researcher in an IT consulting firm and at the Government Institute for Industrial Economics in South Korea. Since finishing her PhD, Dr Oh has worked as a research assistant in Macroeconomics at Durham University. She has covered a wide range of research areas in IT and Economics such as Broadband, VoIP, IMS, Mergers and Acquisitions and Quantitative Easing. Dr Oh has published papers in a number of journals and conferences including the International Journal of Economics and Finance Studies. Using an interdisciplinary approach to her research, Dr Oh brings a deep knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of economics, including expertise in a wide range of econometrics modeling programmes. Since joining the project Dr Oh has transferred the skills she honed studying Macroeconomics to the Digital Economy, a new and exciting field of research.