Aims and Objectives

The research vision of the VOLCROWE project is to develop new models of digital volunteering that will challenge commonly held theoretical assumptions on the motivations for sustainable volunteer engagement and the ways in which these resources can be managed to maximise value creation. The validity of these models is being tested through detailed and extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of data derived directly from highly-successful online crowdsourcing and citizen science projects.

The specific aims and objectives of the research project are as follows:

  • To re-evaluate and re-estimate economic models of volunteering in light of developments in online citizen science initiatives.
  • To test the validity of these models against qualitative and quantitative analysis of data from online volunteering projects.
  • To evaluate a range of possible interventions in the volunteering process to optimise the user experience, thus maximising the likelihood of sustained engagement and participation.
  • To develop an operational understanding of how the effective management of online citizen science projects might inform the development and enhance the value creation of future crowdsourcing efforts.
  • To create a sustainable network of specialist academic co-operation in the area of online volunteering and digital crowdsourcing.