VOLCROWE Survey Data Analysis Tool Released

In 2015, the VOLCROWE project team ran a large-scale survey with a representative sample of Zooniverse users.  The survey dataset was then reconciled against a database of user activity on the Zooniverse platform so that the research team could explore the relationships between participation and a number of explanatory factors that might plausibly explain variation in volunteering.

Now that the VOLCROWE project has come to a conclusion, the team are making a completely anonymised version of the dataset publicly available via a bespoke online tool that can visualise, extract and download customised combinations of variables from the dataset.  The tool can be accessed via the main menu on the VOLCROWE website or by clicking the following link:


The dataset is incredibly rich and detailed, containing a wide variety of variables measured at the individual-level relating to Zooniverse participation; including number of classifications, number of Talk posts, length of time between first and last recorded classifications etc.  Alongside this, the survey dataset provides detailed information on motivations to volunteer, measures of social capital, performance in science quizzes, socio-demographics such as age, gender, income, education, religion and much, much more.

Please feel free to investigate and use the data as much as you like, but please do make sure to credit the VOLCROWE project as the original source.  If you intend to use the dataset as the basis for academic research of your own, please let the Principal Investigator know directly (Dr Joe Cox, University of Portsmouth) so that this can be recorded.

Many thanks and we hope that the dataset is able to offer you valuable insights into volunteering for Zooniverse projects.

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