VOLCROWE Team Member Presents at BAM2016

VOLCROWE team member Roy Meriton has presented work from the project at BAM2016 – the prestigious annual meeting of the British Academy of Management, hosted by Newcastle University between 6th – 8th September 2016.

British Academy of Management Photo.jpg

Roy presented a paper titled ‘The Evolution of Organizational Capabilities in the Zooniverse’ on behalf of the project team.  A copy of the slides accompanying his presentation can be downloaded here.

VOLCROWE Runs Professional Development Workshop at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Members of the VOLCROWE research project have successfully organised and delivered a Professional Development Workshop at the recent Academy of Management Annual Meeting, running between August 5th-9th in Anaheim, California.  The workshop, entitled ‘Organising Work Online with Crowds’, aimed to establish the key differences and similarities between the management of crowdsourcing in commercial and non-profit sectors, as well as the aspects of successful models that could usefully be employed in other contexts.

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The Professional Development Workshop was listed among the Academy Programme Highlights as an event of particular interest to the Organizational Communication and Information Systems (OCIS) interest group. The workshop was attended by over fifty delegates, with very positive feedback was given by those in attendance.  For example, in response to being asked whether the session had enhanced their awareness and understanding of the topic, the workshop was given a score of 4.13/5.  In response to a question relating to whether the session had affected their behaviour or thinking, respondents awarded the workshop a score of 3.56/5.  When asked whether they would pass information from the session on to others, respondents awarded a score of 4.13/5.  Specific written feedback included ‘Deeper insights into open innovation communities, didn’t know about citizen science before‘, ‘Enjoyed the interaction‘ and ‘Connections: met some very interesting people‘.

AOM Organizing work online with crowds.jpg

A separate page has been created on the VOLCROWE website containing materials from the session, which can be accessed here.  In addition to members of the VOLCROWE team, thanks are expressed in particular to Samer Faraj (McGill University); Pete Forsyth (Wikistrategies); Emmanouil Gkeredakis (University of Warwick); Natalia Levina (New York University); Ann Majchrzak, (University of Southern California) and Ching Ren (University of Minnesota) for their part in organising and running the event.