New VOLCROWE Publication: Science learning via participation in online citizen science

The VOLCROWE team has recently published new research in a special issue of the Journal of Science Communication.  The research is based on the results of a survey carried out with a representative sample of Zooniverse volunteers and aims to establish the extent to which participation in Zooniverse projects results in science learning.


We test knowledge of science through a novel online quiz completed by survey participants and analyse variations in performance according to actual, observed measures of participation in Zooniverse projects, as well as controlling for a range of other factors that correlate with science knowledge.   The results of the study show that performance in  science quizzes relating to specific areas of science, such as astronomy and ecology, does improve among more actively engaged users, even after controlling for other factors including general science knowledge.  This leads us to conclude that learning does occur as a result of participation in Zooniverse projects.

A link to the special issue of the Journal of Science Communication can be found here, while a copy of the paper can be downloaded directly from the VOLCROWE website here.

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