New VOLCROWE Publication: Playing with Science

The VOLCROWE team have just had a research article accepted for publication in the Aslib Journal of Information Management.  The article, entitled ‘Playing with science: Exploring how game activity motivates users participation on an online citizen science platform’, investigates the motivational effects of factors such as play, socialisation, fun and amusement in the context of the citizen science platform known as the Zooniverse.

Aslib Journal of Information Management

The paper develops a conceptual model that explains how play can motivate users to contribute to citizen science projects, with practical implications for other crowdsourcing and citizen science platforms in terms of engaging with play and gamification to motivate participation.  The paper concludes that contributing to citizen science projects can both serve a useful purpose and be enjoyable for those concerned.

A copy of this paper authored by Greenhill et al. is available for download here.

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