VOLCROWE Investigator Presents Research at IAU International Meeting

Project co-investigator Dr Karen Masters has presented the findings of VOLCROWE research into the science learning and the success determinants of online citizen science projects at the International Astronomical Union General Assembly in Hawaii.


The IAU General Assembly is a highly prestigious meeting of leading minds in astronomical research from around the world.  Dr Masters’ participation in the event during August 2015 has played a key role in communicating the findings of the VOLCROWE project to a wider audience with an interest in science education and communication.  A full copy of the presentation from the conference can be donwloaded here. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Bernagozzi).

VOLCROWE Working Paper – ‘Doing Good Online’

A working version of a study by the VOLCROWE team into the motivations of Zooniverse users is now available online via SSRN.


The study investigates motivations to volunteer for Zooniverse projects and the relationship between these motivations and levels of participation.  The study uses survey data from a representative sample of Zooniverse users across five projects (Galaxy Zoo, Planet Hunters, Snapshot Serengeti, Seafloor Explorer and Penguin Watch) and measures motivations using the Volunteer Functions Inventory (VFI).  These measures are subsequently used to model individual-level variations in contributions to these projects.

The study finds evidence that the ‘undertanding’ motivation (i.e. learning) is the most significant determinant of variations in contribution levels – in other words, those who want to learn more tend to contribute more classifications over longer periods.

As well as acessing the study via SSRN, you can also download a copy of the paper directly from the VOLCROWE website here.