VOLCROWE Team at the ESRC Manchester Festival of Social Science

On 13th November 2015, the VOLCROWE team ran a public event at the Manchester Museum themed around citizen science and crowdsourcing.  The event formed part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science week and aimed to introduce people to the concept of citizen science, with hands-on trials of several Zooniverse projects.  The event also prompted visitors to think about why people would want to contribute to these projects and what they would gain as a result of their participation.  These discussions were informed by the findings of the VOLCROWE project to-date and invited participants to consider the social-science dimensions of citizen science and crowdsourcing.

Manchester Museum Event

The event was a resounding success and engaged with a total of 190 members of the public throughout the day.  Of those who provided feedback, 100% agreed with the statements ‘I am more aware of the social science and the benefits to society’ and ‘I will pass the information from the event to others’.  Additionally, 95% of attendees agreed with the statement ‘I have a better understanding of the topic of the event’, while 92% agreed ‘I will find out more about the topic of the event’.  On a scale of 1-4, our attendees also awarded an average rating of 3.82 in terms of the educational value of the event.  This is particularly interesting given the importance we have found for understanding (i.e. learning) as a key motivation for participation in citizen science.

More details on the ESRC Festival of Social Science can be found here.