The VOLCROWE Project Features in Crowdsourcing Week

The VOLCROWE project recently featured as part of Crowdsourcing Week event.  The event was established in 2012 and has resulted in a series of global conferences and summits which bring together thought leaders from around the world to engage and discuss how crowdsourcing can lead to meaningful change.

As part of VOLCROWE’s involvement in the event, we contributed a Crowdsourcing Week blog explaining the objectives of the project and our findings to date.  We also produced an infographic sheet summarising our main findings in a visually engaging way.  Our research on this project is increasingly pointing to Zooniverse and Citizen Science Volunteering as being driven by knowledge creation.  We show that the opportunity to enhance knowledge and understanding is a primary motivation of Zooniverse volunteers and one which associates the most strongly and positively with classification activity and sustained engagement.

Introducing the VOLCROWE Project [Download the Infographic]

You can read the Crowdsourcing Week blog here and download a copy of the summary infographic here.