New VOLCROWE Publication: How is success defined and measured in citizen science?

An article authored by the VOLCROWE team has recently been accepted for publication in an upcoming special issue on citizen science in the journal ‘Computing in Science and Engineering‘.

The paper is entitled ‘How is success defined and measured in citizen science? A case study of Zooniverse projects’.  The paper develops a set of novel measures of successful project outomes in citizen science under the headings of ‘contribution to science’ and ‘public engagement’.  We then apply these measures to a number of Zooniverse projects to assess the extent to which the various projects have been successful in meeting these objectives.  The paper concludes with refelections as to the reasons why certain projects have been more successful than others, as well as presenting a set of managerial implications and recommendations for the Zooniverse and practitioners of citizen science more generally.

A link to the post-print version of the paper can be found here.

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