VOLCROWE Team Run Workshop on Volunteering and Altruism in the Digital Economy

The VOLCROWE team has successfully hosted an event on 22nd April, 2015 at the University of Oxford bringing together academic and practitioners working in the area of volunteering and altruism in the digital economy.  A varied and interesting range of contributions were made by organisations such as NESTA, Cancer Research UK, Just Giving and the Zooniverse.  Academic research teams also contributed information about their activities, with contributions from the VOLCROWE project, the CENTRIM newtork at the University of Brighton, the Communities and Culture Network + and other streams of research funded by the NEMODE network.  The day culminated with a lively group discussion of overarching issues and the development of a shared research agenda highlighting the most interesting issues and research questions going forward.  A link to some of the materials captured on the day can be found here.

DSC_4604Asked to comment on their experiences of the workshop, attendees provided the following feedback:

“Excellent event, full of insights on volunteerism and how the Digital Economy has transformed what is possible” – Roger Maull, University of Surrey and Head of NEMODE

“I got some real insights into perceptions of the digital economy not only from an academic perspective but from hands on operators leading on social innovation – I’ve not stopped talking about it with Allia colleagues since.” – Tim Jones, Allia

“The VOLCROWE event was a very useful opportunity to hear from both academics and people working with organizations which use crowdsourcing.  It was helpful to get a sense of the broad spectrum covered by crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, and to see that by sharing information with each other, we may be able to help our organizations to operate more effectively”. Helen Thomas, University of Loughborough

“I found the EPSRC-funded VOLCROWE (Volunteer and Crowdsourcing Economics) Project event at the University of Oxford very interesting and useful for our research into new economic models. There was a wide range of excellent speakers and I particularly liked the content on Citizen Science. I was inspired by the incredible participation these projects have achieved. Looking forward to more events in the future”. Giles Hindle, University of Hull

“The VOLCROWE event was an invaluable opportunity to connect with other digital technology projects across the voluntary and third sector sectors. The discussions regarding the challenges of sustainability were particularly useful in relation to peer support and crowdsourcing activity.” Ian Tucker, University of East London


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